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Welcome Brain Injury Survivors and Supporters!

TryMunity – We’re Here for You!

TryMunity is a support-based network for individuals who have suffered from a brain injury, as well as their caregivers, medical professionals, and more. Our goal is to provide the best in educational resources, stories of hope and love, and inspirational articles, survivor videos and links for those who know what it’s like to live with a brain injury. We understand that brain injuries come in many forms, including traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries, and our main function is to give a voice to those affected by brain injury.

Experiencing Life’s Changes

Families who find themselves dealing with brain injuries often face a number of questions and challenges.

  • Where do we go from here?

  • How do I care for my loved one?

  • What are my medical and legal rights?

At TryMunity, our TBI community is here to help answer these questions and more.

Because our foundation was built on the principles of compassion and caring, we encourage you to share your stories, ideas, and experiences with others who have been affected by life-changing brain injuries. Whether you’re new to the community or you have many years living with brain injury, you’re welcome here.

Get Involved

If you’ve been affected by a brain injury, you already know the toll it can take. Each year, TryMunity spends its resources on education programs, outreach efforts, assistance for survivors and their families, and more. But we can’t do all of this without your help.

Help us make a difference in the fight for TBI—find out how you can make a difference by visiting our Brain Injury donation page. We accept all types of gifts.

Hope is Always an Option

Our ultimate message is to let you know that there is hope. Even if you’re struggling with brain injury, the one thing that you simply must do is keep your hope alive.

If you’re unsure where to turn, consider signing up for our social community, which will allow you to speak with other people who have experienced the effects of a brain injury and to share your story. We promise that you’ll find inspiration and support from our other members and will receive great resources to help you move forward.

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